Very Funny - Very Inspirational - Very Reachable

They call him the MANIC HISPANIC for his half-Puerto Rican / half-Italian and 100% Boston banter. No matter your history, you will find something in the stories of Tommy that relates to your upbringing.

Tommy brings hilarity and motivation in a clean and encouraging way, bringing your organization into the craft of his act. Your HR department will be glad you booked Tommy. You get very funny and very HR-appropriate every time. Tommy will work your business into his routine.

​Tommy is more than a clean, funny, motivational comic. He is an Ambassador for his Christian faith. His faith doesn't make him less funny; it makes him more relevant than ever in a world that is being torn apart. His faith shines in every joke, and his super-clean style will not offend.

Text Tommy and request a phone appointment. Yes, here is a comic that is still willing to converse with the people who put it all together. Get ready to be inspired in your conversation.

Contact Tommy via Email:

(The fact that he still uses AOL should be an intro to his comedy)

Text Tommy at 617-650-6436

(Initial communications by text only, please)